Does everyone need ID to enter the venue?
We operate the challenge 25 policy in the venue. ID may be asked for upon entry to the venue by our staff and doormen, we do not accept any digital forms of ID, you must have a physical form of ID with you. We reserve the right to refuse entry if you do not have ID.
I want to book for a group larger than 6 people, how do I book?
When booking online you will only be able to book a maximum of 6 for a time slot, so for larger parties please book the time slots after until you have booked all your party in e.g., 12:40pm 6 people for Magical Lady Garden, 13:00pm 5 people for Magical Lady Garden. We allow groups of all sizes to play golf or use the bar area, no matter how big or small. When it comes to playing golf you will have to split into groups of a maximum of 6, you will all be able to play at the same time if you are a party of more than 6 you will just have to play a hole behind each other.
Do I have to book to use the pool tables or beer pong tables?
No need to book and prices are as follows:
Beer pong: £20, Hooch pong, £25, Prosecco pong £24
Pool: paid via time - 30 mins = £6, 45 mins = £9, 60 mins = £11
Can I just walk-in?
Yes! We accept walk-ins for the golf and bar at anytime. You can pay for golf upon arrival at the venue no matter how big or small your group is. You do not have to play golf to use the bar area
How can I refund or move my booking?
To make any alterations to your booking whether it be a refund or to reschedule, please contact us via email or Instagram stating your booking reference number and what adjustment you would like to make. Please note we operate a 48-hour refund policy on all bookings.’

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